Meet the Home-maker

Michelle is a Texas native with a passion for style and decor. Abode Decor offers interior decor services for small spaces in the DFW area. At Abode Decor we believe that a stylish, cozy home should be attainable and available to all. We specialize in interior decorating for small spaces such as apartments, lofts and studios. We will work with your budget to make sure you come home to a place that you are proud to call your Abode.

I am beyond happy with how my studio turned out! The experience was stress free and smooth, I did not have to worry about a thing other than saying YES purchase it now! I am not one to always know exactly what to buy, and I tend to spend much more money on things I see right off the bat instead of shopping around for the right price. Michelle did an amazing job!!! I had no furniture to begin with and what she envisioned for my room was more than what I wanted. Everything came out to be super affordable and everyone loves my studio when they come visit! It looks like a room out of a magazine, but at a price I never thought could be possible. She picks out the perfect combinations of things and always asks for your opinion and thoughts before she makes any purchases. I could go on and on about how great the service was and how she pays attention to every detail. I don’t know what I would have done without your help and will be recommending this service to anyone I know! Whenever I purchase a home I definitely want you to do each room!

Alexa - Dallas, TX

Unique & Creative is how I would describe Abode Decor! Michelle's workflow is absolutely brilliant. I was moving into a new apartment and wanted everything new and exciting without paying an extraordinary price. Going with Abode, I got a mixture of getting the most contemporary & high end furniture for absolutely cheap prices. Also, with my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to think over things, this is where Abode Decor really shines! I was sent mood boards that had multiple styles and I simply picked the style I was going for. After that, for each design round, I was sent different furniture options at different price points, all of them more than affordable. The whole process was smooth & surprisingly fun. If we decided on something, and later found out it didn’t work well in the apartment, Abode was quick to replace the items and order different ones, no questions asked! Needless to say, I would be requesting Michelle's service again when I move to a new home and need new designing & decorating done. I’d definitely recommend Abode Decor for anyone that needs a home or office decorating or a large scale revamp, whether you have the smallest budget or you’re really looking to splurge.

Jesse - Dallas, TX