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How It Works

Mood Boards: $100

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get started. In Round 1, I will create 3 mood boards as a jumping off point for your space. These will include general themes, color schemes, suggestions of what furniture you will need to find and what sizes and shapes to focus on, and ideas for accents. From there you can take the idea you love most and run with it, or you can continue with me and move on to Round 2.

Shopping: $300 + cost of materials

In Round 2, I will do all of the shopping for your space! I will pick out a few options of each piece that we need to complete your space and help you do the ordering. For the most part, everything will be shipped directly to your door. From there, you can set up and stage the space yourself, or you can continue with me and move on to Round 3.

Staging: $50/hr

I will come to your home and set up all the goodies we have received for your space! Sometimes furniture that is more cost effective takes some assembly, and who has time for that!? I will come over, assemble furniture, set up decor, hang artwork, etc until your place looks picture perfect! Most clients love to have me control the project from start to finish ensuring the room comes together just like we envisioned from the beginning.