Decor Tips: How to design a shelf

Shelves can be a great addition to a room and add focal interest to a blank wall, but often times my clients are perplexed as to what to actually display on their shelves. What you do not want to happen is for shelves to become a collecting spot for your nondescript nick-knacks or for items that do not contribute to the overall personality of the design of your room! There is definitely a way to design your shelves so that it helps tie the room together! Here are a few of my tips to make sure that your shelves look chic!

Play with textures

I like to mix different types of objects on shelving displays to keep things interesting. For example, a shelf with books might be well balanced with a solid object and a glass object. Paper, wood, and glass all are different textures that work well together.

Balance the weight

An object that is light in weight might be well paired with an object that is heavier, in this display there are three matching shelves and I wanted them to look balanced. You’ll see each shelf has roughly the same amount of space filled, but I paired heavier objects with lighter on the same shelf. I paired the lighter books with the heavier hourglass and the lighter African Animal figurines with the heavier globe.


Analyze each piece

You want to make sure that the pieces being utilized lend themselves to the overall design, that they are not random. In this case, my client wanted to go for the look of a collector and a traveler. He wanted a place to showcase items that he has picked up on his adventures around the world. I believe that these pieces definitely contribute to the overall design and work well together.

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