Studio in the city

When Alexa came to me to help her decorate her new Abode, I was very excited to see what I could do with a smaller space. Alexa’s beautiful new studio in the heart of Downtown Dallas’ beautiful Farmer’s Market area comes in at just 550 sq ft and is just the right amount of space for one. After talking to Alexa about her vision, it was pretty clear to me that she needed a clean, modern space that was cleverly laid out so that she could entertain guests and not have the space feel cramped with too many pieces or busy decor.

As a starting point, I sent Alexa the following three mood boards to choose from, she ultimately chose the “Into the Darkness” mood board and we got to work! We decided to go with a chic, neutral black and white look with pops of metallic and natural wood. It was important to Alexa that the pieces had a timeless feel, seeing as how she knows herself and how easily she can get tired of designs that may be too loud, colorful, or trendy.

Alexa was so eager and inspired to get her place looking on point, I think we were able to pull together the finished product in about three weeks! I’m most proud of her couch that is perfectly sized and shaped that we found for about $215…unheard of! Check out the transformation below, and let me know what you think! Would you show up for game night at Alexa’s darkly chic studio?

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